Can I Print My Orders & Receipt from App?

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Order and Receipt printing using App:

Our order receiving app can be connected to bluetooth, WiFi & ethernet  thermal printers. You can order these printers directly from our website or you can order any bluetooth thermal printer and connect to out app.

Thermal printers are widely used in retail industries. They are robust, fast, require no toner change and paper costs are close to nothing.

Our app supports three types of printer connection:

  • LAN (Ethernet) – the thermal printer is connected by network cable to a WiFi router and accesses the same WiFi network as the order taking device does. Please click here to order
  • WLAN (WiFi) – the thermal printer connects wirelessly to the same WiFi network that’s used by the order receiving device. Please click here to order
  • Bluetooth – the thermal printer connects directly to the order receiving device via can buy any thermal bluetooth printer or order one clicking here to order

To add a printer, open the order taking app and select Thermal printer from the menu. Please see the following documents on How to configure printers via OrderPal Order Receiving App.

How To Configure WIFI Printer in OrderPal App for Your Business

How to Set Up OrderPal Order Receiving App with a Bluetooth Printer


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