Why We Offer Free Plan?

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Why we offer free Plan?

Our business model is that a customer should be able to test our platform before signup for more premium features.We provide a simplified do-it-yourself ordering platform for free, easy to use by anyone. There are no hidden fees, commissions or contracts.

However, we also offer upgraded plan with premium features (which are more complex) that the customers can choose to pay for if they find them useful for their business, for example: Online Credit card payment , promotions, cost of goods, SMS and many more features.

Also, those who want our staff/support team to take care of the system implementation may help us operate by paying extra for those services (e.g. having our team configure the shop Products, instead of configuring it yourself).

In a sense our business model is very similar to the business model of other internet companies that provide awesome functionality for free (combining monetization elements inspired from Firefox, Wikipedia, Dropbox or more profitable entities like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc).

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