How To Create PayPal Option for Your Business

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OrderPal has integrated with PayPal. You need to provide your PayPal API credentials¬†to receive PayPal payment from your customers. If you already had a PayPal business account, please follow the below steps to retrieve your PayPal live API credentials. Otherwise,¬†refer to on how to create a business account with PayPal. (If you don’t have business account with PayPal, you can also either create one or update your existing one to business account free of charge)

Step 1 – Login to your PayPal account, Check “Tools” section on top, then select “Business Setup” (Tools ->Business Setup)

Step 2 – Under “Payment Setup” choose “Option B” and then “Setup API access when you’re ready to go live”

PayPal API Setup Step 1

Step 3 – on the “Your API Credentials” page, select “Customer Checkout Experience” -> “NVP/SOAP API integration (classic) -> “Manage API Credentials”

PayPal API Credentials Step 2

Step 4 – Retrieve your PAyPal live API credentials: API Username, API Password and Signature.

PayPal API Credentials Step 3

Step 5 – Copy all API credentials to the relevant fields. The receiver email is the email address used for PayPal business acccount.

PayPal APIs





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